How Tall Is Katie McDonough?

I’ve always looked up to Katie, even though she is smaller than a tub of Cheese Balls™.

How tall is Katie McDonough, current senior editor of Jezebel? It’s the question on everyone’s lips, according to Google Trends, every day of my life and probably long past my death. The answer is 4'7", according to These photos, however, tell a different story.

How tall?

Clementine QUEEN of our hearts.
Graphic: Elena Scotti (Photos: @thejooniverse, Shutterstock)

Is she?

Solidarity Leo is staying with us sorry you can’t take him. <3
Graphic: Elena Scotti (Photos: Katie McDonough)

This tall?

What are we going to do without you bb??
Graphic: Elena Scotti (Photos: @kmcdonovgh, Getty Images)

Could she be this tall?

<3 <3 <3 <3
Graphic: Elena Scotti (Photos: Katie McDonough, Shutterstock)

We may never know the truth. One unnamed source (Clio Chang) says,

Screenshot: Elena Scotti (my phone)

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